Reading Notes #46





“there is, as Joshua Topolsky puts it, “a missing link in our computing experience” ( “
  • The key to AddOrUpdate (Arthur Vickers) - While waiting for the next release of EF this post explain very clearly how to implement an extension method to help use in a more generic context when we want the same functionality of the DbSet.Find in a AddUpdateEntity method.
  • Mocking Dependencies != IoC (or at least it doesn’t have to) (Vincent-Philippe Lauzon) - Interesting tutorial that explains an alternative to mock without using dependency injection IoC by using the Lazy.


  • Michael Stephenson - Tips on when not using BizTalk config file and reference on another post to more details.
"I wrote a blog post a few years ago around the options for where you could put configuration settings in BizTalk (Click here)."