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Beyond My Cloud

This channel is for archiving my Twich stream ( and sharing some tips and tricks about how to create content and other little things. You can subscribe here

Cloud 5 Minutes

This channel is where I share short tutorials that explain how to use Microsoft cloud: Azure and show how to respect the best practices. From Azure Functions to Power Bi, via Application Insights or Logic App, you'll know everything! You can subscribe here!

Here is the list of all English videos (more recent on top):

65 - How to edit a JSON object from a Azure Logic Apps

No need to make a call to an external API to edit a JSON object with Azure #LogicApps. By using the Compose action and the SetProperty expression is possible do to it from inside your Logic App in only one action!

64 - How to copy data in Azure using AzCopy

In this video, Frank is sharing how using AzCopy already install inside your Azure portal you can copy files from a storage account to another one.

63 - How to configure a secured custom domain on a Azure Function or website

In this video, Frank is sharing a very simple way to configure a custom domain for your #Azure #Function or Azure App Service (aka website) and Azure Static Web App (SWA). In Only 3 steps you will be assigned a www domain then create a #certificate using the Azure Portal and then with Clouflare you will configure rules to track the naked domain request to your application.

62 - Why and How Use Azure Active Directory (AAD) with Blazor Web Assembly (WASM)

In this video Frank is explaining why you should use #Azure Active directory (#AAD). To show how easy it is to use, he will build a Blazor web assembly (#WASM) application, and use AAD with it. The demo will contain how to secure pages for authenticated users, and when part of the admin group. Frank will also share some very useful links to learn more and continue your journey.

61 - 5 ways to Manage Azure Resources

What ever you are on running on Linux, Mac or Windows that you are on the road or in the comfort of your office there is many different ways to manage your #Azure resources. In this video I will show you five ways to do it and explain the pros and cons of each: Azure Portal, #PowerShell, #CLI , Mobile App, and Cloud Shell

(Off Series) - How to stay productive when working remotely

Tons of tips and tricks to stay productive, not forget your deadline, stay motivated, and still, have a life as a remote worker.

60 - How to make your deployment simple and flexible with nested Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template

In this video, Frank explains how to use nested Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to deploy from GitHub only parts of your solution of the full solution.

59 - How I Build a Budget-friendly URL Shortener Easy to Deploy and Customized

In this video, Frank is sharing how he builds with the Twitch community a budget-friendly URL Shortener using #Azure #Function and Azure Table Storage. Showing how, from #GitHub, you can deploy it in 1-click and select the administration interface of your choice. Evermore, because this is an #open-source project you could collaborate and join the team!

58 - Using Azure Cost Manager to know how much your application is consuming in the cloud

In this video, Frank will explains how to use the #Azure #Cost #Manager to see the actual cost and forecast for a specific application in the cloud, and build a dashboard with your favorites information. Then he will show how you can make budgets, and set alerts.

57 - 10 Tips to Reduce your Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) Cost

In this video, Frank is giving 10 tips to reduce the #cost of your #Azure infrastructure #IaaS.

56 - 10 Tips to Reduce your Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) Cost

In this video, Frank explains how to use different social #authentification like Twitter, Facebook, Google to register your users in an #Azure App Services (web app).

55 - How to deploy automatically a new website with the GitHub Actions

In this video, Frank will demonstrate how to create a CI-CD using the #GitHub #Actions to create and deploy a new website in Azure. This automated workflow will use an Active Directory service principal to give access to GitHub to the Azure subscription and an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to create the resources.

54 - The cleaning Power of Azure Function at your service

In this video, I will show how to use a time trigger Azure #Function written in PowerShell to execute a #ResourceGraph query to delete the expired resources.

53 - How to Delete All Expired Resources Automatically

In this video, Frank will show you how to build a first very simple tool to clean up your expired resources using #Azure #ResourceGraph in a PowerShell script and Azure #Automation.

52 - Create a Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI-CD) for your Azure Function

In this video, I will show you how to write an Azure Resource Manager (#ARM) template to deploy automatically your #serverless Azure Function to Azure. It can be then used with a "Deploy to Azure" button from GitHub or any website, or in an Azure Pipeline to complete a Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (#CICD) solution.

51 - Not a dog Workshop - Cognitive Services & Azure Functions

In this video, I'm doing the Not a Dog workshop available on GitHub. I will deploy a website. Then use the Azure cognitive services Vision and an Azure Function to monitor the new images and keep only the dogs images.

50 - Be more productive by using Inline Code in your Azure Logic App

In this video, I will show you a simple way to add inline code to your Azure LogicApps. When your code is not using any external libraries why would you have to maintain and deploy APIs or Azure Function? Simply put the code inside Azure Logic App.

49 - How to make your deployments successful every time

In this video, I'll show you a simple way to make your deployment working every time. You won't have any error because the resource name is already taken anymore. I'll use Azure Resource Manager (ARM), you will see it's simple.

48 - Top 5 Visual Studio Code extension for Azure

In this video, I'll show you my top 5 Visual Studio Code extension for Azure, when working with ARM template and building web applications.

47 - Search Like a Boss with Azure Graph Query

In this introduction video, I'll show you how to install the Azure Graph Query extension explain why you should definitely care about it, and do a few simple queries across multiple Azure subscriptions.

46 - How to Deploy a Static Website Into Azure Blob Storage with Azure DeOps Pipeline

45 - How to generate a Static website with Cake.buid and Azure DeOps Pipeline

Getting Ready for a Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment of a Static Website

44` - Deploy an Azure Function V2 (to unzip automatically your files) with Visual Studio Cod

44 - Unzip Automatically Files with Azure Function v2

43 - How to create quicky a Lamp VM in Azure

42 - How to use Microsoft Identity (Azure AD) to Authenticate Your Users

41 - Getting Started with Azure - The Portal

40 - 4 ways to create an SQL Database in Azure

39 - Deploy an ARM template from GitHub with Azure DevOps Pipeline (CI/CD)

38 - Create Azure Resources From .Net Code

37 -
Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI-CD) with Azure DevOps

36 - Add The Deploy to Azure Button

35 - Create Custom Artifacts for Azure Devtest Labs

34 - Create a .Net Core Docker Container and deploy it to Azure

33 - Devtest Labs ARM - Advanced Functionalities

An Overview of Azure DevTest Labs

Azure Static website

Azure Resource Manager (#ARM) for beginner

How to create an Azure Application Insights Report with Power Bi, the easy way

How To Zip push Deployment an Azure Functions

How to use Environment Variables in Azure Functions

How to access an SQL Database from an Azure Function and Nodejs

Azure DevOps Project, is it Worth it?

Best practices Using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates

How to Create an Azure VM with Chocolatey

Why should you care about Application Insights?

How to copy files between Azure subscriptions (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Create and Publish a website to Microsoft Azure

How to extract (unzip) files automatically without code

How to use Azure Container Instance (ACI)

How to shut down automatically all your existing VMs

How to use the Vision API from Cognitive Services in .NET Core

How to use Azure Functions with Logic Apps

How to use Json files inside an Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft Azure Function Proxies in 5 Minutes

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