This page is a journal of all my Twitch streams on You can fine a list group by projects on my GitHub page with all the streams notes.

Stream notes and videos from the most recent to the older.

Stream Notes

Date­čö╝ Title
2019-08-05 Chill Azure Development
2019-08-02 Fixing the on the road setup
2019-07-31 Adding Deployment to the Not-a-Dog-Workshop
2019-07-29 Adding Deployment to the Not-a-Dog-Workshop
2019-07-26 Chill-Dev learning Blazor on Linux
2019-07-24 Learning Blazor on Linux (running SDK in Docker)
2019-07-22 Learning Blazor on Linux (running SDK in Docker)
2019-07-15 Let's Learn Blazor (.Net Core) on Linux
2019-07-10 Learning / playing with Azure Storage table and C#
2019-07-08 Working on AzPics, does #blazor sounds like exiting?
2019-07-05 Adding Deploy to Azure button & ARM template to AzUnzipEverything (Azure Function and Blob Storage)
2019-07-03 Working on AzUnzipEverything: Azure Function and Blob Storage
2019-06-28 Answering community questions, Azure Function and Coding projects
2019-06-24 Starting a new project AzPics (serverless, AI)
2019-06-17 Let's implement a deploy to Azure button into a GitHub repo
2019-06-19 Live Coding Azure Deploy button & Asp.Net Core StartUp Task
2019-06-12 Live Coding - Azure LogicApp for the ReadingNotes project
2019-06-10 Create Azure Logic App to Create ReadingNotes Summary
2019-06-07 Create an Azure LogicApp to Generate a ReadingNotes Summary
2019-06-03 Bringing the Unit test Results from the Container to Azure Pipeline
2019-05-27 Can We Execute the DotNet Tests inside a Docker Container from Azure Pipeline
2019-05-24 Dockerize WebAPI and stuff Container from Azure Pipeline
2019-05-21 Working on Unit Test with Azure Pipeline1
2019-05-17 Merging Arlvin's PR and adding the XUnit tests to the Azure Pipeline1
2019-05-17 Learning how to do XUnit tests with Arlvin Moyo1
2019-05-15 Build CI for a .Net Core Web API 1
2019-05-10 Coding .Net Core Web API for ReadingNotes Summary Generator1
2019-05-03 Design Session ReadingNotes Summary Generator1
2019-05-03 Working on Bookmarklet - ReadingNotes Project1
2019-05-01 Working on Azure-Docker-LogicApps - ReadingNotes Project1
2019-04-30 Coding on the ARM template for ReadingNotes1
2019-04-28 Deploy an Azure Function V2 (to unzip automatically your files) with Visual Studio Code1
2019-04-26 Coding on the ARM template for ReadingNotes1
2019-04-24 Learning Azure Cosmo DB with Logic Apps1
2019-04-22 Learning Azure Cosmo DB 1
2019-04-19 GitHub Stream Project Maintenace1
2019-04-17 Working on an Azure Logic Apps1
2019-04-08 Coding Azure Function (Wrapping Mercury services)1
2018-03-28 How to extract (unzip) files automatically without code1

1 This stream was recorded before I start taking notes, only the video remains.

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