Quick trick: From Feedly to your eReader in one click

I’m reading most of the time in common transport and offline, on my eBook reader.  So part of my morning routine is to look for new articles to read, and send it to my reading device. Since this week, because of the new Readability updates, I can do this in only one click! Let me share this with you.

The Tooling


I’m using Readability to keep tracks of all the posts I’m reading.  It also very useful, because it cleans everything and keeps only the text of the article. Readability can also send you automatically post to your device.
post beforepost after in Readability

Readability extension for Chrome

I’m also using the Extension let you from anywhere send a page or a link to your reading list. No need to copy-paste the post’s URL. Since last week, options are also available in the context menu.
Readability extension for Chrome


To keep tracks of all the RSS I’m following I use Feedly.  The interface is very polish and the application is always improving. The application is also available on iPhone and Android in addition to being a web app.
Feedly Interface

The Trick

Finally, because Feedly is running in a web browser, you can use the Readability extension. So from now on, when I found interesting article, I can left-click and send it to my eBook reader.