Azure SDK 2.7 my savior

Recently, I got a very unpleasant problem: I needed to remove all my Microsoft Azure accounts from Visual Studio. An error was popping every time Visual Studio was trying to connect to Azure preventing me to anything else. It could happen to everyone, so I decide to share that story so other could save time and energy trying to fix that.

The Context

Long time ago I created my Azure account using my Hotmail account. I modified the administrator to my when it came-up (approx. two years ago). When I installed Azure SKD 2.6, the problem started.

The Error

In Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 or VS 2015 RTM, every time VS was trying to connect to Azure, I was receiving this error message.

Every time Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 or VS 2015 try to connect to Azure...

The Fix

If you only need Visual Studio, remove the "damaged" Azure account. If you need Visual Studio to work with Azure you have two options:

  1. Azure SDK 2.5 will work, if that is an acceptable workaround. You would need to make sure Azure SDK 2.6 was never installed on the machine, otherwise it will still have the offending dll.
  2. Install Azure SDK 2.7 and/or Visual Studio 2015. In my case, it fixed everything!