Does the Azure DevOps projects are worth it?

Imagine you just arrived at the office. You only took a sip or two of your coffee or tea. You look at the tasks that need to be done today (well yesterday based on the request): a new project is starting, and you need to configure everything the team needs to start building that web application. The need a repository, a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, a place to deploy, monitoring tools, and of course you need to create an environment where they will be able to track their work. Should you panic? No, because you will use the new Azure DevOps Project available in Azure.

Let's Create the project

From the Azure portal ( click on the plus button and search for "devops". Select DevOps Project, then click on the Create button. Then follow the five steps and Azure will create everything for you.

What is deployed

  • Your application from many popular frameworks
  • Automatic full CI/CD pipeline integration
  • Monitoring with Application Insights
  • Git Repository
  • Tasks/ Bugs tracking board
  • Deployment to the platform of your choice

In Video please!


The DevOps projects are really fantastic and are very useful. The fact that everything is all packaged together and automatically deployed is a considerable time saver. In short, are the Azure DevOps projects worth it? Oh yeah!