Jing the Wonderful


A friend recently talk me about Jing.  He said that it was a good tool to take screen shot or do quick screen video.  "And what's new?" I said.  "Try it", he reply, "you will see".   

And I saw.

Jing look like a docked sun on the side of you're screen.  You can easily access to it by moving you're mouse over it.  You can  do some screen capture just by one click.  

Before saving it give you the opportunity to add coloured arrow, text and to high-lite some zone of you're capture.

Once you're capture is finish you can save it on a local drive or online!  You can create a free account to screencast.com so all you're capture will be available for all the people.

So like me if you want to try it, it a free software and it's well done.


Video Tour: Here

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