Where can I put my Data In Azure

This month, I’m the guest of Mario Cardinal (@mario_cardinal) and Guy Barrette (@GuyBarrette) on their Podcast The Visual Studio Talk Show.  A French Podcast that talk software architecture with Microsoft's technology. 
Alexandre Brisebois (@Brisebois) was also present on this episode, and the four of us spent about an hour talking about Data in Azure, and try to clarify the Microsoft offer.

You can listen to the episode here:  http://visualstudiotalkshow.libsyn.com/205-alexandre-brisebois-et-franois-boucher-les-donnes-et-azure

I did a little “Mindmap” before the show to help me keeping it as structured as possible. I’m sharing it with you here:
Azure Data_thumb

Version (3231x1130) here: http://cloudenfrancais.com/content/images/2017/03/Azure-Data.png