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Reading Notes #9 (Lecture de la semaine)

Back from vacation, a lot of reading to catch-up.

The analytics documentation as well as the storage team’s blog posts on logging and metrics have more details

The Magic Provider (also call Universal Providers)

My first Azure project was the migration of an existing web site in the cloud.  “Piece of cake”, I think. I was not so far, but I got one little issue why the membership and the session state.
Back then the best solution was to use the AspProviders, a project in Microsoft Azure Samples.  The projet need to add to the solution and special SQL script, done by the Azure Team, need to be run to modify the AzureSQL database.  Once some tweaks to the config files were done, it was working.  Not bad, but it could be easier.
Today, thanks to the NuGet magic, we have the ASP.NET Universal Providers! With this package we only need to execute one command: Install-Package System.Web.Providers, and voilĂ ! No more config files manipulations, no more SQL script to run, no more nothing.   Just install and run it.
It really works! 
Install-Package System.Web.Providers
Of course it’s still in alpha (version 0.1) but it’s all ready working nice.  For a more complete introduction I suggest you to read the great post that Scott Handselman wrote on is blog: Introducing System.Web.Providers - ASP.NET Universal Providers for Session, Membership, Roles and User Profile on SQL Compact and SQL Azure.

~ Franky