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Reading Notes #485

It's Monday,
time to share my reading notes. Those are a curated list of all the articles, blog posts, podcast episodes, and books that catch my interest during the week and that I found interesting. It's a mix of the actuality and what I consumed. 

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  • After Microsoft Ignite, keep the learning momentum going (Jeff Sandquist) - Very happy to see this news being public.

  • How to get Windows 11 (John Cable) - It's out now and honestly, it is great! If you didn't get the automatic upgrade maybe it's because you don't meet the requirement. Following the steps, it could be a simple checkbox to check-in your current version.

  • Introduction to GitHub Actions for .Net Developers (Dave Murray) - I'm not sure why but I always felt called by automation. Maybe because it's the ultimate proactivity of any task.GitHub Action is one of those extremely powerful tools that are worth your attention.