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  • New workflow editor for GitHub Actions (Chris Patterson) - Have you tested the new GitHub action? If yes you will be pleased with this new editor...Ending the research of that missing space somewhere.


  • What You Need for Effective Remote Work (William Gant) - This is a full chapter of an up coming book about remote workers... If you are new to this adventure and even more if you are fulltime remote, this read is a must.


Author: Gretchen Rubin 

I really enjoyed this book. I found very interesting the categorization of all those habits and comportment grouping. I like also the habits association to help to break some or creating new ones. It's obvious, but I didn't think about it before.

Cleaning your mess in the cloud automatically

We all do it. We create resources in the cloud for a demo, or a presentation and forget about them. Then at the end of the month, we receive a bigger invoice then expected and it's the panic.

This is why I thought about AzSubscriptionCleaner. It's an open-source project that could be deployed in your subscription very easily. The goal is to have it deployed by one click directly from GitHub.

The tool can be deployed in two versions, using Azure Automation, or Azure Functions. Based on a schedule it will execute a query to search all resources with a tag expireOn with the value is older than now(), and delete them.

I wrote two blog posts, paired with a YouTube video that explain how to tools where built.

Azure Automation

Read the complete post on Keep your Azure Subscription Clean Automatically


Azure Functions

Read the complete post on Use Azure Function to Clean-up your Mess, Automatically


GitHub Repo

This is an open-source project, you are welcome to see the code, clone the repository, ask for more feature or do a pull request to add a new one!