Oct 23, 2014

The making of: Franky's Notes Azure Search - part 1

For a long time now, I'm thinking about creating an API that will allow to search easily through my notes. When Azure Search came public few weeks ago, I knew it was what this project needed to come alive. In this post, I will share how I did it, and more importantly, show how incredibly easy it was to do.

Oct 20, 2014

Reading Notes #159

AzureConf2014Suggestion of the week









~Frank Boucher

Oct 13, 2014

Reading Notes #158

ButtonsamplepngSuggestion of the week


  • Designing for Big Scale in Azure (K. Dotchkoff) - Nice post that explains how we should change our design in the cloud and use logical container or scale units.


  • Building a Better NuGet (Edward Charbeneau) - Nice post that gives us the best practices when developing a NuGet package.