Reading Notes #15


  • Moving to Azure: The Plan and Start - First post of a series about moving to azure. Some good links.
  • Moving to Azure: The Database – (part two)  SQLAzure is so nice ;)
  • New Docs: AWS Getting Started Guides for Linux and Microsoft Windows - New docs... Great!
  • Hosting a Web Site Completely from Windows Azure Storage (David Pallmann) - If smaller is better, will you prefer 0,15 or 90?
  • TechDays 2011: Developer Tools, Languages, Frameworks & awesomeness (Frédéric Harper) - A lot of good things... And it’s coming at Montreal!
  • Does Windows Azure Startup task have time limit? What to do with heavy processing startup task in Windows Azure Role? (Avkash Chauhan - MSFT) - Explain a way to manage long start-up task without any issue.
  • Relaunching with HTML5 and Expanded Content (David Pallmann) - A useful web site that is store in blob storage...

  • Programming

    • Ninjecting MVC3 - If you never try Ninject, then try it! Go update youre pet project to make use of it.