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Reading Notes #52


[...]When Should I Use the Caching Application Block? This topic will help you to decide if the block is suitable for your requirements. It explains the benefits of using the block, and any alternative techniques you may consider. It also provides details of any limitations of the block that may affect your decision to use it.[...]


    ~ Frank

    Reading Notes #15


  • Moving to Azure: The Plan and Start - First post of a series about moving to azure. Some good links.
  • Moving to Azure: The Database – (part two)  SQLAzure is so nice ;)
  • New Docs: AWS Getting Started Guides for Linux and Microsoft Windows - New docs... Great!
  • Hosting a Web Site Completely from Windows Azure Storage (David Pallmann) - If smaller is better, will you prefer 0,15 or 90?
  • TechDays 2011: Developer Tools, Languages, Frameworks & awesomeness (Frédéric Harper) - A lot of good things... And it’s coming at Montreal!
  • Does Windows Azure Startup task have time limit? What to do with heavy processing startup task in Windows Azure Role? (Avkash Chauhan - MSFT) - Explain a way to manage long start-up task without any issue.
  • Relaunching with HTML5 and Expanded Content (David Pallmann) - A useful web site that is store in blob storage...

  • Programming

    • Ninjecting MVC3 - If you never try Ninject, then try it! Go update youre pet project to make use of it.