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What you shouldn't have missed in the last few weeks

2015-10-15_0836In September, Microsoft did so many announcements it’s difficult to keep tracks of all. This short post he just to list the most important and to give you the opportunity to watch them again or the first time.

AzureCon 2015

The AzureCon was a virtual event on September 29 that was focusing on Microsoft Azure. Many View Party around the global was watching this even rich in announcements. You can watch here the AzureCon keynotes online.
But AzureCon was not only keynotes, it was more than 50 technical sessions covering every Azure’s feature. Get the the full list on Channel9 here.

Windows 10 Devices

2015-10-15_0837At the beginning of October the Windows 10 Devices was a really amazing event. Microsoft was showing us all is new devices, and they were a lot! Don’t trust me, go see by yourself on this blog post by Terry Myerson.


What’s new

Get Started and deploy your first cloud solution in under 5 minutes. Find tons of short videos online that teach you how to quicky enjoy the power of Azure.


Reading Notes #205





Reading Notes #204

AzureConLabsSuggestion of the week





  • Going Back to One (Alexandre Brisebois) - Organize our work to become a performer, could be easily done in Windows 10.
  • Static Site or CMS? - (Brian Rinaldi) - Nice post that gives insights to answer one of the most frequent questions when people start a blog/website.

What is an AzureCon View Party?


First what is AzureCon?

In less than a week Microsoft is doing a great event called AzureCon. This event is a virtual conference that will focus on Microsoft Azure. It is a virtual event because it's happening online. Even more, it will be available to watch it live for free! The lineup as been published and four great speaker will share with us the latest news about Azure.


What is a View Party?

A View Party is the chance to watch live the same content of all other, but in a group. It's an opportunity to ask your question while it's happening and gets answers from the MVPs or other viewers.

Where are those View Party?

By the time I'm writing this post, I don't know all of them, but please sharing is good, so if you know a view party is happening in your area share the info using the comment session. You could also send me an e-mail, and I will update this post. I will be at Ottawa, looking forward to meeting you there!
  • Montreal
    MsDevMtl Community
    2000 McGill College, 5e étage, Montréal, QC, Montréal, QC
  • Ottawa
    Ottawa IT Community
    100 Queen Street, Suite 500 , Ottawa, ON