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Lecture de la semaine #6


from BluPointe Blog

“to read more about the filter attribute, see
“The list of built-in MVC filters can be found here:
“Profiling Your .NET Code :
“ - Guide to Improving Code Performance in .NET: Part I” by Satesh Arveti on C# Corner (
- Writing Efficient C and C Code Optimization” by Koushik Ghosh on Code Project (
- Writing High Performance .NET Code” by Juan A Rodriguez and Simonijt Dutta from Intel (”
“Deploy sites to Windows Azure in less than 30 seconds Enables deployments to multiple Web Role instances using Web Deploy Saves Web Deploy packages & IIS configuration in Windows Azure storage to provide durability A web administrator portal for managing web sites deployed to the role The ability to upload and manage SSL certificates Simple logging and diagnostics tools.”
“Installing the WAAWR is as easy as download, extract, buildme.cmd and you’re done.”

~ Franky

Lecture de la semaine #5

“In this post, I’ll show you how to build an Azure AppFabric adapter for StreamInsight.  In the next post, I’ll walk through the steps to deploy the on-premises StreamInsight application to Windows Azure and StreamInsight Austin.”

“You can find the source code here.”

“As the datacenters get upgraded, the version number of the database engine will increase, which will result in errors when connecting”

“we encourage you to immediately download and install the latest updates to the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) tools for managing your SQL Server and SQL Azure databases.  The links to get the latest updates available in SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 are:

“…if you really want to debug and trace an Azure application you had better read this MSDN article which explains how to create custom debugging and trace agents and write logs to Azure storage.”


~ Franky

Lecture de la semaine #3