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Reading Notes #328


  • 10 Reasons to Use Durable Functions (Mark Heath) - To celebrate his new course about durable function, Mark shares with us his top10 of the best reason with should use durable functions.



  • Power BI Desktop May Feature Summary (Amanda Cofsky) - The monthly updates is always a great new. This month shows more about that new Q&A feature... You may not know about it, but you really want to use it...
  • Data Encodings and Layout (Clemens Vasters) - Very useful and deep article that provides the best practices for data encoding for different type of situation.


Exactly What to Say, The Magic Words for Influence and Impact
(Phil M. Jones)
I listen to this audio book and really enjoy it. Simple powerful key works selection tat helps us to get where we want to go. It was only about two hours long and I listen to it in one shoot. And I’m mostly certain I will listen to it again.
ISBN 9780692881958